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 Babak  Rafati 

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Customer Reviews / Babak Rafati


‘A captivating, very touching book.’(Südkurier)

‘He wants to encourage all who are plagued by depression to face the disease and promotes an open approach to the subject in our society.’(Abendzeitung)

‘He reports on burnout and depression, on the pressure situation in competitive sports and on how the refereeing team of the German Football Association deals with him.’ (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung)

‘Rarely seen, such a relentless and courageous book.’(NDR)

‘This book tears with you and then. The book is required reading for those who want to immerse themselves in the secretive world of the impartial, in the way the judges on the square shape these people. And those who want to understand how people with depression tick – a disease that is still taboo, although openness in dealing with it is crucial for helping those affected.’  (Osnabrücker Zeitung)

‘It's the story of his ascent, his creeping downfall, his near end, and his resurrection. His book tells this story. It is shocking to know in what vicious circle Rafati had lost, how the persons responsible in German refereeing behave behind closed doors, in what a bone mill the German football has changed, and which reactions can trigger negative press or angry fans. With what ignorance the DFB deals with the problem cases in his area of responsibility. He is a sought after conversation partner when it comes to depression, one of the many taboo topics in German football.’  (11 friends)